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sComm Foundation continually researches sources that could provide beneficial assistance and information to the deaf or hard of hearing job seeker. Come back often, as we will continue to update this page as more information is available. If you have a suggestion for an additional resource, email us at

To visit these resources, simply click the link below.

Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation

Missouri Career Center

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The 7 Steps of Ordering Your UbiDuo Through Medicare, Medicaid, or Private Insurance

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Step 1: Contact our Communication Access Advisors

Reach out to our Communication Access Advisor via the contact information listed below to begin the process of obtaining the UbiDuo SGD through your insurance carrier.  All of our Communication Access Advisors are fluent in sign language and will be happy to help you get the process started.

Toll Free: 866.505.7008
TTY: 866.505.7001

Video Phone: 816.527.9079



Step 2: Obtain your personal information

Your Communication Access Advisor will require you to provide copies of your insurance card, photo ID, contact information, availability times for appointments, etc.  This information is necessary to start your process.


Step 3: Appointment scheduled with your Primary Care Physician.

Your Communication Access Advisor will share your information with the sComm office support team whom will assist in scheduling your appointment with your Primary Care Physician. You and your Communication Access Advisor will be notified of the appointment time/date.  Please be sure to notify us immediately if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. 


Step 4: Evaluation with a Speech Language Pathologist

Attend an evaluation with a Speech Language Pathologist.  The evaluation will be done in person at a Speech Language Pathologist office.  Your Speech Language Pathologist may give you an option to perform the evaluation via video.


Step 5: Obtain a prescription from your Primary Care Physician

The sComm Office Support Team will retrieve the evaluation from the Speech Language Pathologist then send the evaluation and RX request to your Primary Care Physician. Once your Primary Care Physician has reviewed the Speech Language Pathologist evaluation and completed the RX request for the UbiDuo SGD, the forms will be sent back to the sComm Office Support Team.


Step 6: Verify and finalize all documentation needed by your insurance carrier.

sComm Office Support Team will review your records for the final step to getting your UbiDuo SGD.  All records will be submitted to your insurance carrier by our billing department.  Once submitted to your insurance carrier, the Communication Access Advisor will contact you with the status of approval/non approval of your insurance carrier.


Step 7: Shipping and training

The sComm Office Support Team will prepare the shipment of the UbiDuo SGD to your home address.  Once you receive the UbiDuo SGD your Communication Access Advisor will contact you to set up a time/date for training you on the UbiDuo SGD via video phone.

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