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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Job Seeker Services

sComm Foundation offers a wide range of employment services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing job candidates.

Job Preparation

  • Customized Action Plan

  • Face-to-face Interaction Training and Coaching

    • Communication Skill Assessments

    • UbiDuo Training

  • ​Workplace Etiquette Training

    • Soft skills

    • Workplace Accommodations

    • Self-advocacy skills

    • Disclosure of disability

  • Job readiness

    • Completing work history

    • Developing resume and cover letter

    • Identifying job goals

    • Searching for jobs online

    • Completing and submitting job applications

    • Practicing interviews

    • Understanding employer expectations

    • Submitting to background check

    • Job retention skills

    • Transportation options

    • Assistive technology needs

Guided Placement

  • Assistance and support from sComm Foundation staff

  • Resume

  • Job applications

  • Research potential job leads

  • Mock job interviews

Customized Placement

  • Action Plan

    • Analysis of interview skills, transportation options and assistive technology needs

    • Identify employers matching Individual Plan of Employment (IPE) Goal

  • Employment

    • Analysis of assistive technology related to employment

    • Assist with job leads and openings

    • Job interview practice

    • Customize the resume for specific job position

    • Job Satisfaction

    • Continuous support from sComm Foundation Staff

    • Maintain job stability (if needed)

Job Coaching

  • New Skills Development

  • Employment Stabilization

  • Any other issue(s) such as communications, safety, or personal hygiene

Community-Based Work-to-Hire

  • Work-to-Hire (job tryout) related to customer’s objective

  • Evaluation on consumer’s work performance

Employment Research

  • Assessments (Find specific job that interests the consumer)

  • Create a summary report on customer

Purchasing Support

  • Research on each item(s) or service(s) for pricing

  • Create a report on each item or service

  • Upon approval, assist customer by purchasing and delivering

Supported Education

  • Assist customer in completing required documents and purchasing books and supplies

  • Support and empower customer to request accessibility for the classroom (on-site or off-site)

  • Ongoing support on various issues during the semester

If you are interested in any of our services, please contact:

Voice: 816-350-7001
Videophone: 816-527-8339

If you are currently a VR customer, please contact your VR counselor first for a referral.

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