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sComm Foundation Employer Solutions

sComm Foundation implements comprehensive solutions to ensure the seamless integration of deaf and hard of hearing employees into a hearing workforce. First, we screen and match the right job seeker to the right job and company. Next, we personally guide the employers through the process of creating an optimal work environment for all employees. Throughout our partnership with the employer, we provide constant and on going support and guidance. We help the employer maximize the positive impact of the deaf and hard of hearing workforce with Improved communication, productivity, efficiency, and performance.

sComm Foundation:

EMPOWERS employers to provide the best work environment for deaf and hard of hearing employees
SUPPORTS employers as they fully integrate deaf and hard of hearing employees into the workplace
PREPARES employers to provide the best work environment for deaf and hard of hearing employees
EQUIPS employer in through a total job awareness and preparedness.
ASSISTS employers match the right deaf and hard of hearing employee to the right job.

sComm Foundation Employer Solutions is available to ALL employers.

Tools Available for all Employers

   1. Employer/Employee Agreement

         a. Negotiate Hiring Incentives/Benefits
        b. Provide Professional Development
  2. Employer Mentoring and Call-in Services
  3. Face-to-face Interaction Training and Coaching
  4. Workplace Etiquette Training
  5. Supportive Reasonable Accommodation Process
  6. Supportive Social Networking
  7. Support to Career Centers/Workforce Centers

   8. Local Community and Business Partnership:

        a. Chambers of Commerce in Blue Springs, Independence, KansasCity, Less Summit, North Kansas City, and other             areas in the Kansas City metro area.

        b. Kansas City Business Journal Leadership Trust

        c.Greater Kansas City Business Leadership Networking

        d.Center for Disability Inclusion

        e. US Business Leadership Network

        f. Deaf in Government
   9. Employment Database
        a. Employers: Existing and Future
         b. Vocational Rehabilitation
         c. Vocational Technologies
         d. Local Job Fairs
         e. Word of Mouth

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